Powder coating technique 

Powder coating technique is a specific treatment reserved for alloy materials such as metallic components or raw aluminium. A powder coating charged with static electricity is sprayed, which will pay (like small magnets) over the entire surface of the part. The use of a wax spray allows you to reach all corners of the area in a uniform way. This technique, which consists of spraying powder, is known as electrostatic spraying or electrostatic powdering. Morei nformations : https://www.3xeng.com/ . This type of treatment eliminates the use of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment, such as solvents. After being sprayed with powder, the part must then pass into an oven where it will be heated for 20 minutes at 200°C. This approach is called polymerization. In addition to health or environmental benefits, other benefits must also be considered.

The characteristics of cataphoresis

Cataphoresis is characterized by the deposition of a uniform layer of paint to provide effective protection against corrosion. For more informations about pipe repair composite, contact a professionnal 3X Eng. The preparation of this part is a very important step to obtain an optimal treatment. It is composed of different pickling, degreasing, rinsing and phosphating steps. Once cleaned and prepared for therapy, the components are immersed in a bath of peppermint paint, cataphoresis, and once painted, they are covered with demineralized water and placed in the oven to cure the paint. The cooking time is proportional to the mass and dimensions of the products. The part, once protected by cataphoresis, can be used as is, but it can also be an excellent base before powder or liquid painting.

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